Flame ON! is the brainchild of Bryan and was created after having a short lived podcast with his brother (and now current Flame ON! contributer) Jeff and his former roommates. Having formed a tight knit group of friends that shared the same passion for all things nerdy, Bryan decided to return to the internet airwaves and Flame ON! was born!


Want to know more about the voices you hear on your favorite podcast listening device? Well here you go! Introducing the men behind the mics!

Your Hosts:

`Name: Bryan

Alias: The Bear

Position: Host and Showrunner

Favorite Publisher: Pre-New 52 DC

Favorite Hero: Superman

Favorite Comic: All Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly

Did you know?: I am a musician-coder-teacher-gardener (mostly in that order) with an unhealthy obsession with space-time travel!


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Name: Pat

Alias: The Talking Bear Skin Rug

Position: Host and Producer/Talent Wrangler/Bitch

Favorite Publisher: Marvel

Favorite Hero: Jean Grey/Rogue

Favorite Comic: The Dark Phoenix Saga by Chris Claremont and John Byrne

Did you know?: I run my own entertainment company? It's called Bears in the City and you can find out all about it by clicking on the link at the top of this page!


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Name: Oral

Alias: The Scarlet Bitch

Position: Host and All Around Sassy Bitch

Favorite Publisher: Vertigo

Favorite Hero: Scarlet Witch

Favorite Comic: The Unwritten by Mike Carey and Peter Gross

Did you know?: I'm a hurricane of chaos magik and nerdy to the bone! On a good day I can be really nice... I don't have many good days!


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Name: Jarrod

Alias: Guytoonist

Position: Host and Flame ON! resident artist

Favorite Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Favorite Hero: Conan the Barbarian

Favorite Comic: Battle Pope by Robert Kirkman

Did you know?: He came from the East, bringing dark things, of magic and forgotten poems. At his side stood madness, and upon his back, sorrow, forever wandering the smoldering mantle of the green wastes.


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Name: Jeff

Alias: The Flaming Heterosexual

Position: Host and Flame ON! resident Straight Boy

Favorite Publisher: Marvel

Favorite Hero: Silver Surfer

Favorite Comic: Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon

Did you know?: I had a *small* obsession with the TV show LOST


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Name: Beejay

Alias: Dulce de Leche, That Weird Guy, Moist 'n' Meaty

Position: Host and Researcher of Geekery

Favorite Publisher: IDW

Favorite Hero: Spider-Man (All of them!)

Favorite Comic: Crimson

Did you know?: I have a degree in entomology and structrual pest control!


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Name: Eric

Alias: Jean Grey

Position: Host, Muscle Pig, and Bath Taker

Favorite Publisher: DC Comics

Favorite Hero: Jean Grey - The Phoenix

Favorite Comic: Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman because I love stiff guys moaning at me, and Flashpoint by Geoff Johns because I love getting my reality rocked!

Did you know?: I want to have sex with… wait – will my husband be reading this?


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Previous Contributers:

Name: Joshua

Alias: The Question

Position: Former Host

Favorite Publisher: All of them!

Favorite Hero: Green Lantern Simon Baz — my true comic book counterpoint

Favorite Comic: Locke and Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriquez – it’s Harry Potter meets The Shining

Did you know?: I now live on the West Coast and am the Comics Editor for IGN!


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