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About Bears In The City

The Bears In The City was the brain child of Pat O'Rourke as a way to be able to do something he loved while being able to give back to the Bear/LGBT community around him. Without the support of some of his closest friends, he wouldn't have founded this company and been able to enjoy running a company that allows him to have fun while he works! Since the foundation of Bears In The City, LLC in May 2012, we have donated over $3000 to local LGBT organizations including the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida, we have become the photography company for Parliament House, and have(and continue to) run many successful bear event at the Parliament House.


Want to know more about the men behind the martini glass? Well check them out below!

The inspiration behind (and original 4) Bears In The City: (l-r) Pat, Matt, J, and Mathew

Pat O'Rourke


Pat is the head bear in charge and owner of Bears In The City, LLC. After starting Bearaoke in September 2010, Pat made the decision (with some encouragement) to pursue his dream of starting a company that would give back to the community in a different way and that's when Bears In The City was born. Since then he has added photography as well as coordinating and running the bear events (including Bear Bust) at Parliament House to his list of activities that Bears In The City covers!


You can email Pat directly at:

Bryan Pittard


Our resident in house geek and IT professional! Bryan joined the Bears In The City shortly after our inception and has been an invaluable part of the team. He is our resident tech head and has created our song searches, Songbook app and has also been a fill in host for Bearaoke.


Bryan is the second in command and always looking for a good chat about anything geeky and is also the host of the gay and geeky podcast Flame ON!


You can email Bryan directly at :

Joey Mayberry


Meet the newest host at the Bears In The City!


Joey is our newest addition to the Bears In The City team, but he's already taking the crowds by storm! With his good looks and Southern charm, he makes the crowd feel right at home at Bearaoke!


Come on down and see Joey in the flesh at our Smoke Free Karaoke at BarCodes every Monday from 9 pm - 1 am!

Patrick Braden



Patrick is no stranger to the community. Being a part of our social events last year as well as a member of the Orlando Gay Chorus, so it was only natural for us to make Patrick a Social Events Lead with Bears In The City! Patrick will be organizing outings and events that bears from all over can enjoy! Make sure to give Patrick a big hug when you see him out at one of our events!


You can email Patrick directly at:

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